our company main activities are machine tool assembling, mantenance and overhauling
Since 1982



We carry out maintenance operations at customer premises to resolve any machine problem. With the help of our collaborators we can resolve any request from the customer of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical-electronic type. Furthermore, through the use of electronic levels, precision lines, 1000x1000 squares, interferometric lasers and other specific equipment, we can level and perform geometric checks to ensure reliability and maximum precision

Transfer and Monitoring

We transfer the customers' machines by performing a general pre-test first, in order to check any maintenance operations to be carried out before reassembly, and to guarantee the same performance once the work center has been commissioned. We personally follow the dismantling at the old site, offering assistance to verify the new foundation and to carry out the cementing of the levelers. Once the reassembly is complete, we carry out the commissioning with final test to verify that the machine respects or exceeds the performances we found before the transfer.

Review and Retrofitting

By retrofitting we mean the restructuring and upgrading of an automatic machine. The Pachera company guarantees a complete service, up to the final inspection by the customer. The affected machine is disassembled into main blocks directly at the customer's site, and then transferred to our company in Costermano sul Garda in the province of Verona, where it will be further dismantled and analyzed in each individual piece. For a complete retrofitting the whole electric-electronic part is replaced, by mounting modern engines and numerical controls and intervening also on the pneumatic and hydraulic parts.


After mechanical interventions, to restore the geometries by rectification and scraping and to replace all the bearings and all the components available on the market, the machine is mounted inside the Pachera structure for a first test. Once the customer's approval is acquired , the machine will be installed in its destination, where a second geometric and functional test will be performed, in line with the tolerances originally indicated by the manufacturer


Through the use of an interferometric laser we perform checks and corrections of the positioning of the linear axes to verify their precision and repeatability, and with the same tool it is possible to view the straightness of the axes. Through the use of the autocollimator and a 12-mirror polygon, we verify and correct the positioning of the angular axes. With the Ballbar, instead, we control the precision of the interpolation of 2 linear axes, the test consists in executing a circle in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction and allows us to verify that the 2 axes move in synchrony and repeating the required tolerances.


Thanks to a special equipment designed and built by us, we perform the grinding of the spindle tool holder cone at customer sites. Many times it happens, either due to wear or a collision, that the conical tool holder seat is damaged and to restore it the spindle line should be completely dismantled to be rectified, with long machine downtime and important expenses. With our portable grinding technicians arrange the ruined ISO 40 -50 -60 cones in one day, performing a final test that involves checking the rotation of the internal conical seat through a 300mm long test plug and checking the clamping force of the tool. In this way time and costs are reduced with a final result equal to the tolerances


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